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Own your own Hive

Your own beehive

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When to buy your beehive

New beehives usually become available in the spring to summer season when bees swarm and when we can produce our own "splits". 

Whether a swarm or a split, we place the worker bees, together wiht a queen in a new hive box. Then we wait until there is evidence of eggs and healthy brood before we put it on sale. That way you are ensured that the colony will be successful. 

Can I get beehives in autumn or winter?

We sometimes do splits in late summer or early autumn, provided that winter is far away enough for the bees to become well established before the cold sets in. Have a look in our on-line shop to see whether we have hives available. 

How to get the hive to your place. 

The best time to pick up the hive is in the evening when all the bees are at home. We close the front entrance, put a  strap aound the whole lot (a car full of bees is not pleasent) and carefully move it into your car. Once you placed your hive in it's proud place at your home, open the entrance early in the morning and watch the magic happen. 

How much does a hive cost?

We price our beehives according to the amount of brood and eggs. A beehive (brood box) can cost anything between $350 to $550. Add more if there is a honey super and honey. 

Click to purchase your bees and hive