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Hire your Bee Hives

If you enjoy the buzz of bees, but you don't want to be a beekeeper.

Perhaps you want good polination for your fruit trees, perhaps you want the honey or perhaps you just enjoy watching bees as they collect pollen and nectar. 

You can have all that without the hassle of looking after your own bee hives. 

That's what we enjoy doing. We love to look after hives so much that we're keen to look after the ones in your garden. 

So if you want the full enjoyment of your own bees but you don't want the hassle of looking after them, then hiring a bee hive is your best option. The fee includes honey (10KG per hive or there abouts) depending on how good the harvest is. We will take any surplus and we'll sell it to honey distributers, or you can purchase any surplus well below the wholesale price.